Linmax adds turbocharged engine and manual gearbox to lineup

Changan Automobile lauded the market introduction of its new Linmax models with a test drive event on August 9th.

The latest available Linmax powertrain consists of a Blue Core 1.5L turbocharged VVT DOHC all-aluminum engine with an efficient 6-speed manual transmission.  This combination yields 115 kW maximum output and 225 Nm maximum torque at 5,500 rpm.  Linmax is equipped with Bosch's ninth generation electronic stability program.  It also sports integrated electric brakeforce distribution, brake assist, and hill-start assist.  This turbo model with a 6-speed manual transmission can brake smoothly, respond quickly, and effectively execute sudden turns.

Multiple security technologies such as the In Call intelligent interconnection system, reverse visual image, reverse anti-collision radar warning, and automatic front headlight light-sensitive control help the vehicle respond smoothly even in complicated driving environments.

Linmax was developed on Changan's global design platform which has earned more than 20 awards.

The exterior features a brand new bright star front fascia, small, sharp eagle-eye headlights, and highly personalized alloy hubs.  The interior reveals comfortable appointments and stylish decor.

Linmax offers spacious seats arranged in a 2+2+3 layout.  The third row has outstanding head and leg room, and is large enough for one to comfortably stretch out. Configuration flexibility allows seats to be arranged in 2+2+3, 2+2, and 2+1 formations.  Also, there are up to 33 separate storage compartments throughout the vehicle.

Unique dual density, anti-fatigue seats can effectively reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving.  Multiple quiet features which include 360° sound absorption, wind resistance, and sealed insulation produce tranquility - even during fast driving.  This MPV is equipped with Changan's third generation total life circle control for volatile organic compounds/odor.

With a great new powertrain, an exquisite appearance, and a comfortable spacious 7-passenger interior, the turbo Linmax will be selected by more and more people.  The 1.5L turbocharged Linmax with a 6-speed automatic Aisin transmission will appear on the market in October of this year.