CS95 with new powerful engine handles icy test course with speed and control

Changan CS95 makes maiden voyage in snow-covered landscape

On February 14, 2017, Changan CS95, a high-performance full-size SUV, participated in the Grand Ice and Snow Test Drive in Changbai Mountain, China.  Hundreds of media representatives from the national automotive industry witnessed CS95's performance on snow-covered terrain.  This SUV is equipped with Changan's most powerful Blue Whale 2.0T GDI engine.


Participating vehicles underwent multiple challenging test drive scenarios at -30° temperatures.  Despite the vast, harsh, icy environment, Changan CS95 withstood the challenges by way of its excellent dynamics, control systems, and intelligent safety equipment, earning the Glory of the King as Best China Core.

CS95 sets high standards for performance in challenging driving conditions, including ice.  The SUV's core power system is comprised of the Blue Whale 2.0T GDI engine, the world's largest Aisin 6-speed automatic gearbox, and BorgWarner's NexTrac intelligent 4WD system.  Together these components comprise the Golden Power Trio.

Changan Automobile spent six years developing the Blue Whale 2.0T GDI, the most powerful Chinese domestic engine.  The Blue Whale is extremely powerful, clean, and quiet.  This engine has ushered in a brand new realm of power for independent Chinese automotive brands with its superb acceleration, power, and low-speed performance. 

The globally successful Aisin transmission is perfectly matched to the Best China Core and can produce 450 Nm of torque.  The powertrain has six advantages: excellent fuel economy, rich control functions, efficient transmission performance, responsive shifting, advanced neural functions, free lifetime transmission oil maintenance, and shift response within 0.8 seconds.  The powertrain performs smoothly and quickly in complex on- and off-road conditions.

Low traction on ice can produce loss of power.  Therefore, driving a high-power, heavier vehicle is more thrilling and exciting.  However, CS95 equipped with the latest BorgWarner NexTrac intelligent 4WD electronic control system outperforms its rivals.  It handles smoothly, rapidly, and fearlessly in snow and on steep slopes, mountain paths, and desert roads.

A founding unit of the American Intelligence Alliance, Changan Automobile has developed unmanned intelligent technology at an internationally advanced level.  CS95 will apply many of the latest driverless technologies, provide solutions to forward-looking security travel programs, and adopt multiple unmanned technologies such as all-speed self-adaptation cruise, lane deviation warning, auxiliary passenger air bag warning, auxiliary intelligent lane changing, automatic parking, 360° panoramic image system, and an intelligent dashboard camera which plays a crucial role in handling on snow and ice.  

CS95 carries the latest InCall intelligent vehicular interconnected system.  It provides multiple online intelligent service experiences such as navigation, leading voice, and rich interconnected entertainment.  Navigation, sunroof, air conditioner, multimedia, and telephone can all be controlled via voice recognition.  Convenient and concise voice control made for easy and straightforward operation during the winter test drive.

CS95's design reflects ruggedness, elegance, maturity, and purity.  This spacious, full-size, 7-seat SUV provides occupants with a comfortable ride.  It's equipped with nine airbags, anti-lock brake compatible electronic  stability control, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control, hydraulic brake assist, HBB, and many other functions.  CS95 offers intelligent full-time security to safeguard driver safety. 

With minimalist design, driven by the Golden Power Trio and safeguarded by intelligent security, the CS95 successfully completed the ice and snow challenge.

Changan will launch four new models in 2017 including CS55, CS95, the first household MPV, and one middle-class car.  CS95 launches first this year.  It performed well in the snow and ice test drive.  This is a good start in the Year of New Models for Changan Automobile.  The strong core is the most valuable feature.  We are convinced that the launch of CS95 in March will pleasantly surprise consumers.

16 February 2017