Autonomous vehicle technologies put to the test at Detroit City Airport

The Changan US R&D Center Intelligent Vehicle Team (IVT) successfully tested the key building blocks for Levels 3 and 4 autonomous vehicle operation.


Testing took place on the January 23, 2017 at Detroit City Airport's vehicle proving grounds.  An autonomous vehicle prototype was used as a testbed to drive the road course.  The course mimicked a series of real world driving situations.

Changan IVT team members Dave Weber, William Lin, Summit Sehgal, Chris Ferone, Preethi Kumar, and John Yester contributed to the evaluation's successful completion.  The team demonstrated the following autonomous systems:

  • A GPS-based waypoint navigation system
  • Autosteer, automatic braking and acceleration
  • Lane centering applications with MobilEye sensors
  • Combined longitudinal and latitude controllers with path preview

The test vehicle navigated twists and turns, traveled between buildings, centered itself between lane markers, executed complex turns, and performed stops and acceleration using conventional controllers, GPS, and MobilEye sensor systems.

This was a milestone test event demonstrating the progress of the Changan autonomous vehicle program and the capabilities of Changan's in-house technical development team.