CS15 introduced to Paraguay at snazzy launch event

On the January 11, 2017, the Changan CS15 launch ceremony took place in Changan's newly-established independent image store in Asuncion, Paraguay, marking the official arrival of the youthful and stylish small, urban SUV.


 The launch ceremony was preceded by some online activities on local social media.  To build more momentum prior to the launch event, we also held test drives targeting media and sales representatives in Autodromo Aratiricar Park on January 7th.  The new CS15 was introduced and unveiled by the sponsor.  The SUV earned consistent high praise for its performance and appearance.  Tico - Changan's race car driver - was also invited to the test drive.  He's won numerous awards for the brand.

The CS15 launch ceremony was held in Changan's newly-established independent image store.  High-level Changan distributors, fan club members, and media reps were invited to participate.  To enhance CS15's young and fashionable image, the company hosted a light show and hired a locally famous DJ to kick out the jams.

Attendees gave the event high marks.  Everyone has high expectations for, and full confidence in this new model.  Soon after the launch ceremony, some of the guests placed orders for CS15.  This new SUV will certainly shine in the Paraguay market.

31 January 2017