New 48V Eado among three new Changan EVs shown at Guangzhou International Automotive Exhibition

On November 18th, three Changan new energy vehicles (NEV) were introduced at the 2016 Guangzhou International Automotive Exhibition.

The EVs exhibited included two Eado models and one New Benni model.  The New Eado Blue Dynamic version is the world's first production vehicle with 48V hybrid power technology.  New Benni EV is a supercharged, high-quality battery electric vehicle (BEV).  New Eado EV is a hiqh-quality, high-maneuverability, and high-security BEV.

The Eado Blue Dynamic version has three core functions: accelerated power, braking energy recovery, and intelligent start-stop.  These features boost Eado Blue Dynamic's energy efficiency, power performance, and comfort to lead international standards.

New Benni EV is a new generation BEV.  The original New Benni has evolved into the most luxurious type of mini electric car. 

New Eado EV's styling, chassis, and reliability have inherited the advantages of New Eado.  This EV also demonstrates better maneuverability and comfort than comparable vehicles.  Its powertrain features a high-efficiency, permanent-magnetic brushless motor system, ternary lithium batteries, and advanced Bosch CRBS efficient energy recovery system.  The New Eado EV gives off zero emissions and its better mute effect is guaranteed.  Additionally, the cost of traveling 100-plus kilometers is only about 8 yuan - one-eigth of the cost of traditional power.

New Eado EV is equipped with a new photoelectric LEC knob shift system, 7-inch display screen, and 10.1-inch TFT LCD instrument cluster. This perfect combination of advanced S&T and top quality provides our customers with a wonderful and unique driving experience.

Since 2001, Changan has invested more than 100 million yuan, successfully applied for 485 patents, and taken the lead in product research and development and system capacity, domestically.  Changan plans to market 24 new NEV models in three phases in the future.  Included are 13 BEV models and 11 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models.  By 2020, cumulative sales of Changan NEVs are expected to reach 600,000.  And by 2025, cumulative sales are expected to be more than 4 million.

8 December 2016