Changan Automobile facilitated APEC in Peru

The 2016 Asia Pacific Cooperation Summit (APEC) was held in Lima, Peru.  The Summit, themed "High Quality Growth and Human Development," appealed to member states to seek political consensus, create opportunities for public-private partnerships, and promote state structural reforms.  Changan Automobile facilitated the conference as the designated supplier of conference transport vehicles.

Peru, APEC's 2016 host country, has been one of Changan's important overseas markets for a long time.  Through deepening cooperation along with intense, meticulous fieldwork, the company has rapidly expanded its market share in Peru.  Changan has swiftly established brand awareness and influence, taking only three years to become a leading Chinese brand in the Peruvian market.  It is also the fastest growing Chinese brand - ranking 11th among all auto brands in Peru.  During CY 2015 and 2016 CYTD, as the automobile market declined by 7.1% and 4.0% respectively, Changan sales continued to be strong.  The brand posted a 46.7% gain in CY 2015 and advanced 41.9% in 2016 CYTD.  Changan has been building brand awareness by working with local distributors and participating in events such as the Peru Auto Rally and Lima Auto show, various launch activities, fan club activities, and marathons.  Changan represents the spirit of APEC in its success in the Peruvian market.

A ceremony was held at the national library in Lima to recognize Chinese President Xi who attended APEC, as well as China Today's 45th anniversary.  The special memorial issue covered the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Peru.  This memorial special emphasized the great importance China attaches to bilateral relations between China and Peru, world peace, and cooperation in economics, science and technology, and culture to promote mutual understanding.  The special issue also introduced Changan and its achievements in the Peruvian market.  Under the state strategy of of encouraging Chinese enterprises to move beyond national borders, Changan will continue to improve its status and gradually increase its investments in the Peruvian market, introducing more new models that align with local consumer habits, providing more car solutions and becoming one of the world's leading automobile enterprises.

7 December 2016