Colombian city chooses Changan for municipal vehicles

Changan Automobile won a bid to supply 403 freight cars to Cali with the support of the Head Office.  Cali is the third largest city in Colombia.  This order is the largest ever government procurement of Chinese-brand vehicles in Colombia.

The delivery ceremony took place at the Cali gymnasium.  The mayor and communications director attended the activities and personally awarded Changan freight cars to the first 30 users.  All local major media outlets provided coverage of the event.  During the delivery ceremony, Mayor Maurice briefly remarked on the project's background.  Because Cali is well-known as a coffee exporter, the government is committed to enhancing the city's public service.  Animal labor is still the primary means of transporting materials that will be recycled - even though such transportation is inefficient and costly to maintain.  The new government expects to improve the situation through implementation of the livelihood project.  The Cali government is appreciative of Changan's support and cost-effective products.

As the company's most significant order in Colombia, Changan International and its Hebei-based manufacturing facility spared no effort in the production and shipment of the vehicles.  The first group of freight cars took only 16 days from order placement delivery.  Then the factory worked hard to guarantee fulfillment of the second group during 2016.  Only seven days lapsed between order placement and delivery.  This is the shortest overseas delivery period in Changan's business history.

With the fulfillment of this freight car order, Changan became the second largest Chinese brand in Cali.  It is quite possible for Changan to become the most popular auto brand with the Colombian government, as well as with the Colombian people.

1 December 2016