Changan presents popular models at the Colombia International Auto Show

On November 9th, the 15th Colombia International Auto Show (XV Salon International del Automovil), officially kicked off in Bogota, Colombia.  It is Colombia's largest and most influential auto show. 

More than 60 global and Chinese auto brands exhibited their vehicles.  This was Changan Automobile's second appearance at the show.  The company displayed four models: CS35 which is locally popular, and some recent Changan Star Passenger and Cargo Series models.  The stylish blue and white aesthetic attracted attention to the Changan stand, which saw its traffic double compared to 2014.

Approximately 300,000 new vehicles are sold annually in Colombia, making it an important Caribbean market.  International brands such as Chevrolet and Renault have both set up plants and marketed vehicles and parts in Ecuador and Venezuela.  This auto show not only provides the best local platform for car purchase, but also offers important channel for auto dealers and suppliers who are seeking business opportunities.  Taking full advantage of this auto show, Changan invited its important potential partners to visit the exhibition.

Chinese auto brands have been confronted with an extremely challenging market environment in Colombia this year due to exchange rates and policies.  Volume has been down 35% compared to 2015 and 54% compared to 2014.  Yet Changan continues to advance in spite of adverse conditions.  The company has grown volume over the past three years to rank fourth among Chinese brands and realize a 64% volume increase compared to 2015.  Earlier this year Changan won a bid to provide more than 400 Star 5s to the municiple government of Cali, the third largest city in Colombia.

With growing volume and brand influence, local Changan drivers may sense the rapid development of Chinese brands and accept them more readily.  Continuous efforts will enable Colombia to be another strategic market in Central and South America for Changan.

1 December 2016